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Real Time Strategy Games, Should You Play Them?


In the world of video games, real-time strategy games have become a rarity amid all the RPGs, FPSs, MMOs, and Beat Em Ups that are currently in the market. The only one worthy of note that is still getting a lot of attention is Starcraft II, which still has a considerable following. Even so, there are still plenty of great examples of these kinds of games in the market, which are still worth playing.

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What Are RTS Games?

Generally speaking, RTS games are titles where you need to do things like gather resources, build up your army, and shore up defenses while your enemies are doing the same thing. The whole point, basically, is to come up with a strategy that makes you more prepared to either defend your position or to launch an attack on the opposing team.

Once conflict is engaged, your job is to take advantage of every character’s unique attributes and skills in order to gain the upper hand during combat. The same goes for those generic pawns that you’ll be using as cannon fodder.

What Are Some Famous RTS Games?

Without a doubt, some of the most famous RTS games are those made by Blizzard. There’s Warcraft 1 through 3, and then there’s the two Starcraft games. There are also other examples of excellent RTS titles, including Age of Empires and Company of Heroes.

Aside from the significant pedigree that these games come with, the sheer quality of the games are what really makes them stand out. In the case of Warcraft, for example, it’s the world-building and the excellent characters that make the series so beloved. With Starcraft, it’s the adrenaline-pumping intensity of the complex mechanics that make the two games so addictive.

Should You Play RTS Games?

In short, yes. You should definitely play RTS games, especially if you are big into strategy and tactics. When you shop online for these games, you can save a lot by using the various deals or taking advantage of seasonal sales that are often available.

  1. I enjoy playing RTS mobile games especially when stuck in traffic

  2. Che Ganancial says:

    These games make one think sharper and analytical but discipline is important

  3. How to hack paid RTS games?? 🙂

  4. Like most online gaming, RTS can also be hacked. Yes, you heard it right. Codes can be injected into the system and one can actually manipulate the game!

  5. Keladvame says:

    Real strategy games are best played by group. It’s always played with a partner or group because a single player cannot win over a computer. LOL

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