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The XBags Advantage (Monitor Transport Strapping Systems)


One of the biggest problems when it comes to gaming on a PC is the fact that it can be a nightmare to bring around. You need to carry the CPU case, the monitor and all the accompanying accessories that you need to make it work. All of these things can be incredibly cumbersome. Fortunately, XBags is here to help.
If you are carrying something that has as many parts as a PC, you need something that will allow you to do it with just one strap, after all. Thanks to all the available promo codes, it can also be available for cheap.

What Is Xbags?

Xbags is basically a series of straps, zippers, and compartments that can hold any PC case of any kind, along with its various accessories in one handy setup. It doesn’t involve complex components, so it’s easy enough to use, certainly a breeze to those who build their own gaming rigs. It’s also quite sturdy and snug, so you don’t have to worry about your units slipping and falling off, not as long as you strap them in properly, anyway.

There are also two choices when it comes to the kind of Xbags you want, both of which will serve your needs well enough. Of course, that depends on you actually knowing what you’ll be using them for beforehand.

Why Get Xbags?

For the most part, a gaming PC is incredible simply because it can handle considerably more performance demands that then translates to smoother frame rates and an absolutely gorgeous setup. Unfortunately, you also sacrifice portability when you go with the desktop option. By having Xbags, however, you’ll simply be unplugging the hardware and putting them in one handy case to transport.

Where To Get Xbags?

There are several options for you to get Xbags, but the most common sources would have to be Amazon and eBay. If you’re worried about the price, you can always count on coupon codes on products and services that these retailers regularly offer. Be sure to watch out for those deals on other products as well, since you can make even more savings as a result.

  1. Troy Alvarez says:

    The Xbags inventor is such a genius

  2. Janelle Jalandoni says:

    Packing computers are bit tough thanks to Xbags but kinda hard where to purchase in my area

  3. Hassle free!!!

  4. I like how xbags carry my PC whenever I need to relocate it. It’s easy and hassle free to use.

  5. xbags are very nice to use especially if you are always traveling with your PC. They do a perfect job at protection!

  6. Xbags are awesome!

  7. Xbags are made for people who love gaming but travel a lot. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Xbags are great!

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